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Mann Ki Baat

Your ‘Mann ki Baat’ is quite simply your internal thoughts. It is the little voice in your head that comments on your life, whether that is what is going on around you, or what you are thinking consciously or sub-consciously.

All of us have an internal thinking, and it runs all the time. Some of us, however, may pay more attention to it than others, and be more skilled at manipulating it. It is the way in which you apply logic to what is happening, although the logic may sometimes be skewed or driven by your emotions or experiences.

To share this “Mann ki Baat”, the educators of Lalji Mehrotra Lions School have initiated a session on the same from grade K.G. to Class XII. This Program is also Initiated by our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, during this pandemic situation of COVID-19, but yes it slightly varies, as we have a concrete interaction on different experiences, phases where students have faced difficulties and ongoing challenges that keep irrupting in their day to day life. Hence, the educators play a very vital role here to help/guide them to balance and face them.

“Probably the biggest insight…. is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process of fresh challenges and it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy.” This was the motto to initiate this session.

This session provides a deep insight into a child’s thoughts, fears, self-esteem, and general point of view. Internal Thinking is part of what made the students give the ability to reason and think about situations. They weren’t open initially but gradually they are trying to.

To enable the students come up with their Mann ki Baat, I started sharing as a child what were my behavioral issues, my mistakes, my weaknesses and how I overcame all to achieve success and remain happy. This gave them a boost to share their challenges. Several students came up with only positive thoughts and a few with only negative to this they were made to explain the following:

Your internal thinking can be both helpful and unhelpful. For example:
  • If you are inclined to be anxious, your internal thinking can reinforce this. Sometimes anxiety can also upset your internal thinking, creating a vicious cycle.
  • Just as smiling makes you feel happy, being exposed to negative language and unhappy thoughts can have an effect on your mood. This includes in your internal thinking, if it tends towards ‘hurting yourself up.
  • Being able to have a positive internal thinking, and ‘look on the bright side’, can help you feel more positive and improve your mood.

All this combines to suggest that learning to manage your internal dialogue is likely to be important for both mental well-being, and potentially, success in life.

Misbah Shaikh

Education plays an essential role in an individuals life. A person not only formulates his thoughts with the help and guidance of educators within the school boundaries but also discovers his strengths and is able to apply them to his practical life. But in today’s pandemic time the scenario has changed. The school boundaries are taken over by the screen and classroom is the device used by all. Although educator and student remain the same but methodology transferred to technology savy. During this transition the educator student interaction has suffered a lot. The students find no one to share what they feel and face being in the house for almost an year.

Keeping students in mind we started an educator student interaction session on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month wherein the students are allowed to speak, share and talk what they feel and like. It really came to be an interactive session as it gave them a chance to share their unheard, unsaid and unexplained words and feelings. The hidden talent of the students was also seen through these sessions. The students were overwhelmed and enthusiastic that they not only shared their experience at home with family but also their eagerness to meet their friends and educators. They played musical instruments, showed all that they made, celebrations they enjoyed during lockdown not the least but the problems they face during online learning also became a part of it.

This platform was essential and proved a great success for the understanding of educator and student. The communication which was lacking now is regenerated and this session is awaited by all.

Pragati Verma

MANN KI BAAT – It means to say about exactly how and what we feel. All human beings have a lot to say and share.

Especially in this Pandemic situation, it is necessary to talk freely to someone so as to share our feelings. Lalji Mehrotra Lions School has rightly thought of the same and are conducting “Mann Ki Baat” sessions on Saturdays. During these sessions, students showcase different Talents, Art and Craft work, Hobbies etc. It has always been a wonderful session, improving the student-teacher bond and knowing each other better in times, even when we can’t meet in person. Children enjoy talking about their gifts, celebrations or any new purchase. They love to recite poems, narrate stories, dance, sing songs, other than which are a part of the syllabus. They are very excited about these sessions because they know that they can share each and everything with their class teachers. We have heard the term – “Home sick” but are students are feeling “School sick”. Some of the thoughts shared by them are “Ma’am, I miss you all” “Mujhe school aana hai", “Missing Bus Masti Ma’am” etc. .

In this new normal, adults as well as children need to share their feelings somewhere. This is really an amazing experience where we not only share our feelings and talents but also get connected well to each other. We – students and teachers enjoy these sessions a lot.

So, “Mann Ki Baat” is an inspirational and informative platform for All of Us to be well connected in this New Normal. .

Pre primary
Shivali Desai

"Bachcho ki soch, humare vichar
Sudharenge bigdae kaaj ,
Corona mein school na sahi toh kya
Hum karenge zoom par apnae mann ki baat"

Mann Ki Batt is a platform initiated by Honourable PM Narendra Modi. LML school has proudly taken this concept and introduced it for its students and teachers. Held every 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday for 40 min, it is a session where the students interact with their peers and teachers without any barriers... This virtual session of Mann ki Batt is an attempt to compensate the physical life classes of a classroom which the students and teachers are missing during this pandemic.

Anything under the sun is discussed on this platform. It is a mosaic of different thought process which includes their achievements, fears, thought, hidden talents and innovative ideas. The reaction of the students has been one of optimism and positivity The parents are happy that what's unsaid is said in Mann Ki Batt. It has highlighted the importance of interaction as a connecting bond between the students and teachers retaining the human touch.

Namita Sinha

Intereactive and Fun Loving Session

A great applaud to the mothers who prepared their kids favourite breakfast and surprised them during the Mann Ki Baat session.


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