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Vishnubhai Patel

Late Rohit Mehta
Past International President

26 August 1930 - 17 September 2020

Lion Rohit Mehta, popularly known as the “Father of Indian Lionism”, was one of the founding members of Lalji Mehrotra Lions School. He was a gifted administrator and a distinguished businessman. A motivator, passionate and meticulous figure who pioneered the skills of life. His life was an inspiration for all. At a very tender age, he had to shoulder the responsibilities of his family business. Overcoming all odds, he touched great heights in all his endeavours. He served as International Director of Lions Clubs International from 1970- 72. With the noble intentions of serving the society, he proved to be the torch bearer of the projects like- Lions Karnavati Shantaben Vishnubhai Patel Eye Hospital, Lalji Mehrotra Lions School, Lions Blood Bank and Dialysis Center and many more. He received various accolades for his services to society.

Rohitji endeavoured to serve the society and ensured that Education should reach each and every strata of the society. With this vision, he became the flag bearer of the project- LML School. His idea was to impart quality education at LML and prepare the responsible citizens of the country who can meet humanitarian needs. To turn his dreams into reality, we at LML School provide congenial ambience for the all round development of the child. Rohitji was an idealist who believed that ‘True Education’ can not be confined to books or the four walls of the classrooms. It rather means to instill in child the values of life and equip the child to face the future challenges.

Rohitji was a man of integrity and high principles! We at LML School strive to follow his legacy.

Vishnubhai Patel

Late Vishnubhai M Patel

27 January 1942 - 25 December 2018

Mr. Vishnubhai M Patel, the founder of Sadbhav Group was a true visionary. Best known for his simplicity and compassion, he had always dreamt of serving the society. To pursue his dreams, he laid the foundation of Sadbhav Engineering Ltd., a world class infrastructure company. He was also one of the founder members of Lalji Mehrotra Lions School. Sri Vishnubhai had always been a staunch believer in education. He was of the opinion that education is the key to empower the society. With strong determination, he believed in transforming all odds into blessings.His remarkable achievements in the field of business is an inspiration for the future generations.

Whether it was a task of strengthening the infrastructure of the country through his business plans or contributing his bit to the society by initiating the projects like LML School, Vishnubhai excelled in both. His selfless contributions to the society in the field of education and health is truly outstanding.

Vishnubhai Patel

Anil Agarwal


We welcome you all to another new academic year with great zest and hope to make remarkable achievements as the time unfolds through its academic journey. As we all know Lalji Mehrotra Lions School (LML) has always strived to keep up the motto “Generate Light, Consistent Effort and Blossom. Being an educational institution, we take a step ahead beyond academics byconsistently generating the lights of humanitarian values like compassion, self-discipline, humility and integrity and comradeship among students with consistent effort towards learning which blossomsthe student making them competent and confident to face the competitive and challenging world.

As part of this noble institution, we believe it is our responsibility to nurture and develop every student to prepare them for the life ahead. They are continually encouraged to appreciate our diverse society to care for others as civilised citizens, and develop concern and respect for the environment.

My heart fills with pride and pleasure as I perceive the progress made in all spheres at LML School. The journey of the School started in the year 2002 now into the 17th academic year with 939plus strength of the students with multifarious growth both in academic curriculum and infrastructure year after year. I congratulate the concerted effort of the students and supportive parents who brought laurels to themselves and the School.

It is very heartening to see the students’ consistent and overall growth in the amalgamated environment which is created in this temple of learning. I congratulate the Principal, teachers and every member of the School for creating the perfect blend of academic excellence and co-curricular achievements by practising discipline, freedom of thought and expression and a sense of social responsibility.

Looking forward to march ahead with you all with new zeal, hope and quest for knowledge.

My hearty wishes and blessings will always be with you.

Ranjana Mandan

Ranjana Mandan


We believe that education plays a crucial role in the development of society. Lalji Mehrotra Lions School shares a collective vision of grooming young individuals into good human beings and thus contribute in the social development.

In this process of developing socially responsible global citizens, LML School sees to it that each one of our student gets a safe, creative and educationally challenging environment that encourages collaboration and achievement of individual excellence through self-discovery.

The school is a place, a platform for children to learn, explore and understand life. It is a place where they createlong-lasting memories of their childhood. We strive to help them create memories which do not turn them into bookworms, rather we create opportunities for them to grow and flourish and carve a niche for themselves.

Our staff is qualified, credentialed and passionate about what they do. They seek pride and satisfaction in a child’s development, feeding their inquisitiveness in an ever-increasing orb of knowledge. The hard work, dedication and sincerity of the staff help the students to clear each of their examination with flying colours.

It is a proven fact that here at LML School, anyone and/or everyone, be it staff or student, produces an excellent result if he/she is given freedom of action and thought.We all know that each child is unique and special and full of potential. All that wedo here is help them discover their hidden talent and explore the world according to theirperspective by adding a pinch of freedom of thought/action to their taste.

The School Management, Academic and Administrative staff remains pro-active for helping their students achieve excellence in their academics and relates activities. We thank our partners, the Parents, for believing in and unfailingly supporting the school, acting on the principle of trusteeship for the benefit of school and taking the school and its students to greater heights with every passing year.

Good luck and wishes to all of you!


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