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The ICSE was established by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. Previously called the Senior Cambridge, it was adopted for Indian requirements. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is the examination conducted by the Council for Class 10 and the Indian School Certificate (ISC) is the examination for Class 12.

The ICSE board follows the scaffolding approach. First the basic facts of a subject are learned, and then more details are introduced. The basics are re-emphasized many times over to help get them into long-term memory. Where SSC exams are content based, CBSE exams are application based, ICSE exams are knowledge, understanding, application and skill-set based. Under the ICSE board, projects are an integral part of the curriculum, which helps to develop analytical skills in a student.

The syllabus followed by the ICSE board is more comprehensive and complete giving equal importance to all fields of learning and working towards a child’s overall growth. Subjects are taught both theoretically and practically. The ICSE board offers its students strong concepts since the syllabus encourages students to address a topic in detail and research it thoroughly.
It also allows students more flexibility in terms of subject choices.

ICSE certificate is recognized all over the world.

Book List for Classes Nursery to XII for Academic Year 2023-24

  1. Book List for Class Nursery
  2. Book List for Class Jr.K.G
  3. Book List for Class Sr.K.G
  4. Book List for Class I
  5. Book List for Class II
  6. Book List for Class III
  7. Book List for Class IV
  8. Book List for Class V
  9. Book List for Class VI
  10. Book List for Class VII
  11. Book List for Class VIII
  12. Book List for Class IX
  13. Book List for Class X
  14. Book List for Class XI
  15. Book List for Class XII

Note-Book List for Class Nursery to X for Academic Year 2023-24

  1. Note-Book List Nursery
  2. Note-Book List For Class Jr. KG
  3. Note-Book List For Class Sr. KG
  4. Note-Book List For Class I
  5. Note-Book List For Class II
  6. Note-Book List For Class III
  7. Note-Book List For Class IV
  8. Note-Book List For Class V
  9. Note-Book List For Class VI
  10. Note-Book List For Class VII
  11. Note-Book List For Class VIII


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Parent’s Corner

Parent’s Corner

      Testimonials However we like the soul of the school which has not changed and due to which we continue to have faith in what the school does and will do in future.Testimonials

Mrs. Archana H. Katara and Mr. Hemant Katara
(Parents of Vrishti H. Katara, Std 7)

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