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Academics & Methodology

At LML School there are no limits to a child’s achievements. Our students spend their days in a closely knit community of students and educators who know and support them. We acknowledge that every child is a dreamer whose mind never stops exploring new territory, a doer who revels in his accomplishments while looking for new challenges, and a leader who wants to make a difference!

For us ‘Academics’ is not a drudgery of boring lectures and rote learning. It is a lot of hard work as we insist on a practical approach and application of concepts through increasing self-study but it is hard work that every student voluntarily indulges in. Learning becomes interesting through an enjoyable and innovative curriculum implemented by giving individual attention and encouragement through the various levels of schooling.

Individual attention is the corner stone of Pre-primary, with the mother teacher concept providing a home away from home. Children are encouraged to explore, imagine, create and interact through activity oriented 'Play-Way' method. The colourful and well decorated individual shelves for each child in the class room make them confident, eager and enthusiastic learners.

Primary School
The focus of the curriculum is on developing language and mathematical skills and providing exposure to diverse areas through an activity oriented learning program.

Middle School
At this level learning is more structured, specialized and intensive with a lot of emphasis laid on project work and learning by understanding.

Senior School
In the senior school the focus shifts to self study with the role of the educator being that of a mentor - guiding the students according to the demands of ICSE Examinations and beyond with confidence.


LML School follows the ideology of providing individual attention to each child and with this in view class sizes are limited to 20 students in pre-primary classes and 24 students class I onwards. This facilitates effective learning, assessment and feedback. The school plays a mentor, facilitator, motivator and guide for the students rather than just giving instructional inputs. Innovative methods, effective teaching aids, worksheets and activities which cater to the needs of each student are built into the lesson plan to make the learning process a fruitful one. Our continuous and stress free assessment process ensures that the students have understood the concepts. The school recognizes the fact that students vary in their grasping and learning abilities. Remedial classes are provided to those who work at a slower pace than the others. Regular Parent Teacher Meetings help to establish rapport between the school, student and parent.



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Parent’s Corner

Parent’s Corner

      Testimonials However we like the soul of the school which has not changed and due to which we continue to have faith in what the school does and will do in future.Testimonials

Mrs. Archana H. Katara and Mr. Hemant Katara
(Parents of Vrishti H. Katara, Std 7)

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